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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Oh !! Isn't it nice here :)

I like the forums, what a nice bunch they are.  I have a follower and an inspiration. Thank you for your help, and what a beautifully elegant blog yours is Valerie.....and as for the content ......... WOW .... that could get even me enjoying food! 
Someone said to me recently that cooking, and I think it was, in particular, baking, is an act of love.  Shook me to the core that little comment did.  It made me wonder about the emotional effect food has on me. I rather think I ought to do something about it! LOL

Gotta go. Its pouring here and half my Flock's outside, drenched. I shall sort 'em out and come back to see if someone in the forums can help me get my background the right size    :)


WILLIE...! said...

Ciao, Buon Giorno, Signora di Pranzo,(Dinnerlady)
You have just mentioned the two words, that go together, like love and marriage. Emotion and Food.
As a social cook: You can enjoy food, either alone or better still with friends. I have cooked for up to 60 people, wedding last year. and, every meal l've cooked has been different, not only the menu, but the people involved. My dinners, will usually last for up to six hours, typical Sicilian get together,and it's great fun. If it's one thing l can get very emotional over, and that's food. Lovely....!
Can''t help with the Blog l'm afraid, not that 'Techy' only talented....!
Keep At It Though.....!
Looooooking.....Goooooood...! :0)

thedinnerlady said...

Now if I lived in Sicily I'd be very fat. I LOVED that place, and one of the main reasons was for the attitude to meals. Well, with food like theirs .... yours! .... who wouldn't want to spend half a day around the table! Bliss.