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Monday, 7 June 2010

Cuppa Time

Right, I'm stumped on the design front, so I'll spend this spare moment to explain the purpose of my blog.

I have parents ... four of 'em. I'm very lucky, lots of my friends have none. Dad and His Lovely Missus live about 45 minutes away from me and mostly I only make the journey for fun. He's had his health problems in the past, but both D & HLM require no care from me.. the way they're going it'll be me as needs them! When they're not on the golf course they're doing marathon walks or bike rides. I couldn't hope to keep up wit them. Damn near killed me when Dad and I went to Lulworth and Durdle Door to take snaps. He was genuinely worried about not getting me back up the hill. Well at 87 he couldn't have carried me could he! I'll stick a couple of pics in here later.

Now Mom .... thats a different picture altogether. Mom has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She and Her Wonderful Hubby live about seven minutes from me .... phew. Mom has difficulty remembering what she's supposed to be doing ... well, lots of us do, to some degree. But with Mom this causes serious problems. Its only the watchful eye of HWH that's stopped her from burning the house down, or poisoning them both. So for the past while I've been visiting them everyday to make sure they're still extant and unravel any tangles they've got into.

I never had children, and failed miserably at marriage, so the role of carer is new to me. The first few weeks were a dreadful struggle. Things are beginning to slot into place now tho and I've fixed things so I get a couple of days off each week. Some of which time I plan on spending here, trying to keep focused and mentally filing the strange things that I now have to deal with. I'll attempt to keep a healthy perspective and see the humorous side of the messes we get into. There's been occasions when I've got cross, so either I'll go quiet when that happens, or I'll rant here.

So there you are. This is the place I'll come to sit down a while and try to make sense of it all. I'll make a cuppa if anyone wants to sit down with me ;o)


WILLIE...! said...

Ciao, Buon Giorno. Lovely photos, Miss Dinner Lady.
Well, it's 7 in the morning, and here l am, with my first lemon tea of the day. mmmmM!
Looking after the old folk, yep, been their, done that. Mum was 90.
Nonno,(Grandad) was 106, when he died, in Sicily.
Shame isn't it, but we all have to get their.
Still, try and look on the bright side of life.
Blogs loooooking gooood, coming along.
The other thing, l just wanted to say, you sound as though you like a
bit of a laugh, l have quite a few funny photos of cats, dogs, and pets doing the stangest things.
Really funny.
Don't have your E-mail add.
Mine's on my Blog.
If you like, and want to, send me yours, and l'll send a few on to you.
Take care now.....! :0)

thedinnerlady said...

Morning Willie, good weekend so far?
Not surprised Nonno lived to be 106. I wouldn't want to die if I lived in Scicily !!
Ta for the offer Honey, but I'll pass on the pics ... quite enough animals around here ;o)
Enjoy yer weekend ... visiting the Folk Festival in town? All the young and beautiful were out and about last night ;o)Bless 'em.