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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Harley Momma

Mom always has had a fascination with all forms of transport. Her father's enthusiasm instigated it. He was employed in motor transport in its early years, in the 1920's. He built more than one motorcycle,

Percy's bike

and fitted a side-car for my Gran, Gladys....

Percy and Gladys.

He also built his own car,

Grandpa's car.

and then replicated it, about 12 years later, for his young son ! (Who, incidentaly, also worked in transport all his working life.)

Cresswick Farm 3

The Lanchester that he bought in the early '20's ....

Percy and Gladys Moon, 1924

.....took the family all over the country on holidays. Many times all the way from home in Sheffield to Devon to stay with Gladys's parents.....on this occasion, in 1928 or 29, with my Mom ....just a little girl of 2 or 3.

G.Grandpa and G.Grandma Burnell.

So I'm certain that last weekend he looked down on this scene with pride. His little girl, at 83, sitting comfortably on a Harley.

Harley Momma

Isn't she the best Harley Momma?!

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Family Sundays could grow on me.

My childhood memories are of regimented days and restricted behaviour. We had to be well mannered, obedient, quiet and clean .... all things that didn't come naturally to me as a kid!

Today Mom's Wonderful Hubby's son and his wife, their daughter and her two little ones, a very tall 3 year-old and a 12 year-old, all came to visit. We had lunch at a local garden centre. It was a joy to watch the children respond to the new environment, investigating, making new friends, gently testing some boundaries. And I was right ... taking My Olds out is just like taking kids out. The only difference I noticed was when the kids go wandering off they'll at least make an attempt at getting reunited with the group!!!

When we returned to Crumbly Towers Great Grandpa and ma, Grandma and Mum watched the Mens Finals whilst Grandpa supervised the little ones buggy driving initiation. I don't remember my reactions and coordination being that good when I was twelve! I remember being rather clumsy. Lauren really was most impressive.

I wonder what she'll find to approximate Moms buggy to plague her Mum and Dad for !!

I've taken very few photos of people, (some candids, but thats not the same) I've certainly never taken one I liked.....till today :o) Don't know what was different, but I liked much that they'll go off with emails, SOOC.


Saturday, 3 July 2010

My list.

Just a quickie...still living up to me blog title and dashing around like a mad woman. As you see, only a marginal (lol) improvement to the layout.

Took the truck in to have a new tyre fitted on the offside rear. The boys doubted my feminine word, probably justified in most cases, but not this one ;o). The offside was more worn than the nearside. Hmmm. Perhaps I corner harder to the right than the left. They did end up replacing the nearside. Well, they are men, they WOULD be right, somehow!! They found a socking gert screw in the nearside, so I had to agree. This of course necessitated ordering yet another tyre for the offside ! LOL I could have saved myself all that diesel by simply ordering four at the start instead of being a cheapskate and making the barely legal ones keep going till they were well and truly illegal.

On another subject, nearly. When the farrier came out to see to Thor I asked his opinion, again, on Thors lump that appeared about six months ago, just above his pastern. I'd hoped rest, and the soft winter ground would put it right, but no. Its still there and even tho there's no lameness, heat, swelling, other than the fibrous lump, or discomfort when pushed prodded, poked and pummelled, we agreed now is the time to get the vet to look at it .... before I bring him back into work ...... or even take him out on one of our lazy hacks!
The vet did all the 'P' tests and got no results. She said she could do a little investigating with a sample for tests and an xray to see what's going on inside. But she said its quite likely that its a calcification and will do no harm. I took the cheaper option and said I'd ride him out and monitor the situation, contacting her again if there was any sign of trouble.
There's a chance that it might be stress related, but that usually happens on both legs, and this is just the offside fore. Hmmmm I wonder if I corner harder to the right than I do to the left!! LOL

I think the next appointment should be with my chiropractor to see if I have a list to the right!! LOL

Yup ..... look at that .... I do have an expensive list to the right !!

At last.......
Pic by Rik