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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Harley Momma

Mom always has had a fascination with all forms of transport. Her father's enthusiasm instigated it. He was employed in motor transport in its early years, in the 1920's. He built more than one motorcycle,

Percy's bike

and fitted a side-car for my Gran, Gladys....

Percy and Gladys.

He also built his own car,

Grandpa's car.

and then replicated it, about 12 years later, for his young son ! (Who, incidentaly, also worked in transport all his working life.)

Cresswick Farm 3

The Lanchester that he bought in the early '20's ....

Percy and Gladys Moon, 1924

.....took the family all over the country on holidays. Many times all the way from home in Sheffield to Devon to stay with Gladys's parents.....on this occasion, in 1928 or 29, with my Mom ....just a little girl of 2 or 3.

G.Grandpa and G.Grandma Burnell.

So I'm certain that last weekend he looked down on this scene with pride. His little girl, at 83, sitting comfortably on a Harley.

Harley Momma

Isn't she the best Harley Momma?!


Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very good.

thedinnerlady said...

Thank you B do G :)

Picturit said...

Love old B+W photographs. If you have photoshop or another photo manipulation software try repairing them, give them a new lease of life. I've done loads it's good fun too. Even better you can get paid for it if you good at it. Kev

thedinnerlady said...

Hi Kev, Did try a bit of, unsuccessful, renovation with one of them. I'll get the book out and see what I should have been doing. I've hundreds of pics like these and some of them are really lovely.