The garbled chatterings within may prove I have perfected the art of living in total chaos whilst surrounded by blissful tranquillity.

Monday, 31 May 2010

From bad to worse!

I have a list of things to put right as long as my weekly shopping list. The last Q on the list is " If I delete my blog, will I be able to use the same title and screen name to make a new one?"

Off to the forum for help.

Oh dear !

ArrgJust completed a learning curve that's had me going round in circles for three days and finally got my background looking prety much as I'd envisioned ........ only to discover that in the process I've lost me header and title! Haven't a clue how I did that, or more importantly, how to undo it. I foresee having to make this a test blog. Doh.

I shall have one stab at it right now... then leave it for later.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

I'm off now...

Well it took so long to set this up I'm exhausted now....I'll get a short nights sleep....I'll be foul in the morning....and I'll probbly rant at me blog!