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Monday, 31 May 2010

From bad to worse!

I have a list of things to put right as long as my weekly shopping list. The last Q on the list is " If I delete my blog, will I be able to use the same title and screen name to make a new one?"

Off to the forum for help.


WILLIE...! said...

Should'nt worry to much about the Blog. It'll come....!
I've had this PC for 18 months now, and a friend of mine, Ally, said "You ought to have a Blog?" "What's a Blog?"
So, she started one up, and l did the Profile. Finished up with an interview, music, photos and a film we made in 2008.
Would like to follow yours if that's o.k. For a while at least, thanks......Think Pink.....!
I'm on......
Good luck...Have Fun..... :0)

thedinnerlady said...

Hi, I only just found your comment! Doh. Welcome, nice of you to call in. I'm on Dinner Duty in two minutes so I'll come back to you later today :o)