The garbled chatterings within may prove I have perfected the art of living in total chaos whilst surrounded by blissful tranquillity.

Friday, 18 June 2010

48 hours of havoc.

Funny few days. I do get very upset by my dentist. I'll never understand why because he has yet to hurt me. He even anaesthetises the spot where he's going to inject the anaesthetic. Where they write up any allergies at the top of your card, he's got on mine, in red, penicillin and pain.

The morning's chores never get done right. I dash from having done half of one job to start another, only I forget what it was and dash back, get halfway and ... Blind panic basically.

I have to take a vallium just to get me there. I honestly believe I'd just not turn up without it. This time I panicked about the vallium well before I started panicking about the dentist. I discovered the pack I had was out of date, with only two days to get more. Our surgery ain't the fastest at repeat prescriptions. Then of course there was the flat tyre making getting into the village a nightmare. The RAC were frantically rescuing single mothers and their hoards of kiddies from the sides of motorways. Well, I could hardly whine about them taking 18 hours to get to me, snug at home.

I have to take the vallium as I leave home, otherwise I'm likely to fall asleep driving to town. So the effects rarely kick in before he's halfway thru the job. Then by the time I'm staggering back to the carpark I'm half in shock and half comatose. I have to build in two extra hours to sleep it off before driving home.

When I get home I'm completely useless for the rest of the day. Sleepwalking till bedtime usually. Then as I come round from all the chemicals, I wake up. And this is the worst bit. The stuff in the dentist's chair is a piece of pee pee compared to the fearsome tantrums I have as me poor old body screams "WTF was THAT all about?"

So by 4am I'm in pieces.

As a result the following day is pretty much a write off.....and the one after that I'm wracked with guilt for ever starting smoking in the first place, getting nothing done for two days and longing for the inevitable full set of plastic gnashers.

I have an appointment each Tuesday afternoon for the next three weeks. I'll be in therapy before this round of torture treatment's over.

Never mind .... while there's mutts like this about the place I can't help but grin most of the time :o)



WILLIE...! said...

Ciao, Buon Giorno.....!
Don't go worrying about therapy, l've been going for last 3 years.
Once a month. In fact l've an appointment to-day at Dorchester Hospital At 12:15.
Suffer from anxiety, see, bit hyper. We Sicilians are all the same, and being an ex entertainer, always on stage. You most always see the funny side, lifes to short.
Go for it.....!
Life is a can Spend it Anyway way you Wish.......
But, you can Spend it.......Once..!
Task? Well, love photo's/pictures, of cat's, dogs or any animals really, and your photo's come out so well.
I've loads of pictures of animals, doing the funniest things, as l said, if you'd like some, send me your E-Mail add.They will make your day, and give you a right old laugh. Cheer ya up.....!
You take care now.....and.....yes..
always think Pink....There is no other colour.......! :0)

thedinnerlady said...

I had a car crash a few years ago and qualified for therapy as a result! Bloody awful. I went right off myself!! LOL. I stuck with it tho, and it was worth it eventually ;o)

I shall take time to find you some nice animal shots ;o)

Have a lovely pink weekend Willie.