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Monday, 21 June 2010

Kids or Crumblies?

Honest ... It must be just like taking three kids out. I have to go around the house to check the windows are shut and the dog's got water and the doors are locked. Then I have to go back in to get the walking sticks and a cardie. They need to be manoeuvred into the car, slowing the topple in and hoisting the legs up. Then there's the 'find the seatbelt' game. There's much passing back and forth of handbags and jackets and a general difficulty in getting settled and organised. Finally we set off to pick up our friend..... and go thru the whole process again.

Once we arrive, naturally all the disabled parking spaces are taken so we have to block the carpark whilst we disembark right outside the entrance. The temptation to linger for a ciggie when I've parked the car is strong, but I resist and catch up with the three of 'em before they cause havoc, or get separated. Trying to get two of 'em back together is bad enough ... three would be impossible.

Naturally the restaurant is at the far end of the garden center, well it would be wouldn't it? Good for business. Bad for herding giggling very old folks. Fortunately there wasn't a queue. They aren't good at decision making at the best of times, but being confronted with actual food, as opposed to a menu, was almost more than they could cope with. There was much mind changing as the line behind us grew.

Eventually we got thru and seated, and I spent minutes collecting condiments and cutlery, water and napkins and the like. It really must be like having three kids! They even got naughty. Wonderful Hubby was feeling good about himself, having received cards and phonecalls from his offspring telling him how GREAT he is and what a brilliant Dad he is .... it being Father's Day. So WH was winding the ladies up something wicked, and there's nowt worse than TWO ladies getting flattered! I couldn't help but laugh at them, and be grateful that there wasn't anyone sitting at the table next to us.

We had a little wander around after a very satisfying lunch. Our friend took advantage of one of the wheelchairs, WH claimed he wanted one too but I told him they didn't have any electric ones and I sure as hell wasn't pushing them both!

We managed to get back to our friends house without losing anyone or anything, despite a couple of attempts. Bless 'em they'd laughed so much they really were genuinely tired. Hardly surprising with a collective age of 265 !   Now why can't they be so full of the oh-be-joyfuls like that ALL the time !!

I didn't buy these this trip, but on a Crumblies jaunt to another garden center much earlier in the year. They're Iceberg, the climbing variety. Despite the doggies trying to dig the Blood Fish and Bone out from underneath them, they seem to be doing quite well so far. I like them so much I've made them VERY big :o)

My treat :o)


WILLIE...! said...

Well, you sound as if you had "My sort of Day". Yesterday.
Bit of a hastle l know, bet you enjoyed it though....busy...busy.
I had a dreadful day, Italy only drew with New Zealand, so l just cried my eyes out.....well, not that bad.
Never mind, soon be Christmas, have some nuts....!
Is'int a pity, there's no 'Smelly Telly' the flowers look lovely, such a lovely bunch...mmmM!
Love to see flowers growing like that, l for one won't have cut flowers in the house, loads of plants, but no cut flowers, always considered it cruel....silly really....!
Love them in the garden though.
Did you get through all your casseroles, even this time of year.
Well, l've a meeting at the office tomorrow, got a plan to prepare, hate meetings. Still, hopefully l'll be back in Wimborne, for coffee at Costa, about mid morning.
I do like it in there.
Going to have a little 'light' lunch now, 15 watt bulb!
Take Care...Ciao...Ciao...(0:

thedinnerlady said...

Look on the bright side Willie ... New Zealand didn't win!!

I shall try Costa in Wimborne next time I'm there :o)