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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Well I've had a most productive and pleasant day. The kennel routine went well, plus a nice new bed for Hugo and three dogs groomed before it got too hot to be pleasant for them. If left to my own devices, I manage perfectly fine without getting wound up. I should have been a hermit! LOL

Then I got on with the rest of my life........

First things first .... Kudos to Kev, who came up with the answer for removing the filter from my lens. What a guy !!

Virgin Mobiles haven't faired quite so well in my estimation. I did receive a call from a techie manager, before I called them and gave them a piece of my mind! He did make me go thru some diagnostics before finally agreeing that it ( or I ) was a lost cause and he did arrange the courier to pick up and replace the offending BlackBerry phone. So, with luck and a following wind, on Thursday I should be in possession af a receptacle for my calls.

Thor is my Icelandic horse. Not sure I've introduced him before. He's a sweetie and will feature here largely, regardless of his diminutive size. Today was the day of the farrier. I will post a pic, but it is a very old one. I have lots of pics of the farrier at work. This one is not a great pic, but it makes me smile every time I look at it. My farrier has been my farrier for er.... 17 years, he's a hunk, funny and very very good at his job. His heart and soul and a very large part of his wealth, are in my horse's feet. His company name is "Hoof Hearted" ..... and so that is the title of this particular pic. ;o)

With the farriery completed I shot off to the shops and was a very bad person. I treated myself to a new bag. I'm sure I'll live to rue the day ... but hey!

I nipped home to see to the doggies and heaved dear Minty into the car and off to the vets. Minty is a 13 year old puppy of mine who comes to stay here at Muttlins, with her friend Nonny (an eight year old puppy of mine), usually a couple of times a year. This year she's having nursing care. She ruptured a cruciate ligament a while ago and had to have it replaced. She was eight weeks into her recovery when she ruptured the repair! So only a week before her holiday she had to have a second operation. Today was the due date for her post-op re-examination. My wonderful vet rubbed his chin and frowned. Not a good sign in such a cheerful chap. Well ... Minty is quite an age for such an injury, and it seems there's a chance she may not get perfect movement back in the limb. The vet gave me instructions for the next two weeks exercise and physio regime and wrote up his notes to Minty's own vet , many miles away. We're up to three ten minute walks a day, stretching exercises and two swimming sessions a week. We HAVE to get some muscle back onto her wasted little leg.

I don't know what the temperatures were today, but it was very very hot and by the time I got home at about half sixish, I was drenched and drained if that makes sense, and was so grateful to sit down with me lappy and me blog. I figured out how to become a Follower. Now I'm off to try to understand how to do the links thing so I can join in some of the fun here. The next job has to be making my page fit .... I really must do it!! LOL

Oh ... BTW .... Mom phoned me twice today, but not much sense could be made of either. I don't mind a bit, cos she was back to her bright and chirpy self again. She can talk nonsense as much as she likes, as long as she's smiling!


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WILLIE...! said...

Hi, Morn'n....!
Can't put Photos/Pics on Blog.
They are only for personal viewing, and the 29 people l have on my list, we just exchange them from time to time. All l wanted was an E-Mail Add.
Never mind then. :0).