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Monday, 28 June 2010

My watery grave

I'm shattered.
The past few days have been much too awful to blog. I'm being used, abused and taken advantage of and they ain't gonna be satisfied till I've accomplished the impossible.
Had to escape to Poole again this week.   It has the most wonderful relaxing effect on me. Even playing in Photoshop with the pics I take there engrosses me enough to forget the grief I'm getting from the family, and the demands of chums.  I'm thinking it might become appropriate to change me will and have my ashes scattered in the harbour. Living here's way too expensive to contemplate, but I could definitely be dead here ;o)

I took snaps of kids playing in the water while the almost full moon rose. As I left the waterfront and headed up the hill for home, the moonshine caught my eye and I stopped, got the gear back out and set up the tripod again!!  Grinning.

Poole harbour


Picturit said...

Hi Jen, love the photograph, and completely agree with you that Dorset is a wonderful place. I have just spent the last six month in Devon working but have now returned to Yorkshire with a computer full of images. I am new to blogging so have been browsing other peoples blogs especially those with an interest in photography. I am trying to build a photographic community on my blog where people can share skills experiences and comments. I will be posting some of my own pics as well as links to competitions books of interest and equipment reviews etc etc.. Please visit and give me your thoughts and comments. Tell as many people as possible, the more there is the more we can learn. Best Wishes Kev

WILLIE...! said...

Hey! Now! Comm'on....Ms Dinnerlady.
Pretend yer a pair of curtains.....
AND...Pull yerself together...!
Ciao..Boun Giorno...Yes....It's the Mafia here. :0).
Bright and early, with lemon tea. mmmmM!
I must admit, weekends can be more stressful. I've had a few bad days too. But never mind eh!
Soon be Christmas, we'll have some nuts....!
SO, Cheer up now...! ;).
Dogs have owners....
Cats have staff......!
Don't know why l said that, sounds good, does'nt it.
Well, it's Monday morning, so....
Onwards and upwards.
Oh! love the photo...yet again.
More when poss. please.
Take care now....:0*...
AND...Always Think Pink...!

thedinnerlady said...

Hi ! This sounds great...I'm on my way over ;o)

thedinnerlady said...

Willie .... all is well in my world again this morning. Great what a good nights sleep can fix isn't it LOL

Good weekend? Do anything special?


Sarah C said...

wow, you have some beautiful photographs on here.

Hope things get better for you.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Feel free to roam any time you feel like it.

There's loads of us photography Brits. I did a free two week boot camp earlier this month. The lady who gave this to us has started a weekly challenge. You can find out about it here.

Take care xx

Picturit said...

Hi Jen Thanks for visiting my blog. I have new post on blog it's in response to your question about stuck filters

WILLIE...! said...

Weekend, no, not a lot really, try'in to get over Italy, out of the Word Cup. And, as for England, less said, the better. Glad l'm Red, White and Green, at least.
Never mind eh!
Listen, l've some super pictures l'd like to send you, as l've said before, up to you, my E-Mail add. is,
Only if you want to of course, but send me yours, and l'll send them on to you. Some of them are really great, you'd really love them, make ya laugh, and cheer you up a
bit. ;)0
Phew! what a feel like a million dollars......All green and crinkly. Have fun... :0%

thedinnerlady said...

Hi Sarah, and thanks ;o)
Thats a great challenge ... I'm in and snapping already !

thedinnerlady said...

Kev... What a star you are!!!

thedinnerlady said...

Willie, when folks speak of footie I have no clue at all what's being said!!

Join in the fun, post yer pics on yer blog!!
It certainly was hot today wasn't it.

thedinnerlady said...
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