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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lunch for how many?!

Get me! Time for two blogs in one day. I must have forgotten to do something.

I'm very proud of myself. Mom managed to be in her most infuriating frame of mind and I didn't even begin to feel cross or even frustrated. I just gathered up the information and filed it.
She called me fairly early this morning with a really silly that made absolutely no sense at all. We worked our way around it. Then she asked what was happening about lunch. So she took the phone to the diary and she read what it said for today. 'Wonderful Hubby going to shops to buy pies for lunch.' Even that wasn't quite clear enough and there was a bit of verbal fluff before Mom was happy that she understood what was happening.

When I arrived there was a liver and bacon casserole defrosting, a freshly made chicken casserole, sausages, enough mince and onions defrosted to feed a family of five, half of Thursday's lasagne and ... the meat pies.

I've done everything I can think of to avoid this and now, finally, come to the conclusion that nothing will stop this from happening. So we just have to roll with it. At least there was only one pudding. Last Wednesday there were seven! LOL

One of Moms favourite places. Christchurch harbour.



WILLIE...! said...

Seven sweets last Wens, wow, where was Snow White....!
Well, here l am, bright and early, lemon tea, Earl Grey, of course.
Usually on the patio by now. Couple of E-Mails from Sicily, to reply too. Forget which language l'm in sometimes.
And, a lovely Fathers day card from my Sammy, no money though!
But, the sun's out over here in B'ford, lovely.
I'm in for a lazy day, Morrisons at 10, then that's that.....Footy.
Oh! duck for lunch to-day,(no sweet). I do love my game....mmmmM!
I do like the photo, the sunset certainly has a great effect.....lovely.
I'm no good at photography at all,
it must be the tripod and black cloth, l have to carry...He!...He!
Well. l'm off on the patio for a while, still wearing my nightshit, and enjoy a bit of sun.
So, as they say, across the pond, back in the world....You and Yours, Have a Nice Day.....Ciao....Ciao. ;O)

thedinnerlady said...

Hope you had a lovely Sunday Willie ;o) Lovely and warm wasn't it?