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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

" I may be gone some time."

Just a quickie to say ...
I'm working really hard on learning how to do this blogging thing. There's so much fun to be had ...if you understand how! I've started making another blog for my piccies and I'm going to try to get the size right from the start this time, cos I just CAN'T get it right here!

Here's one from the achives. A feezing cold and fiercly windy but incredibly beautiful November afternoon at Boscombe.


Picturit said...

Nice image Jen well timed. Love the colour cast gives it a nice warm summery feel. Thanks for the mention on your post glad I was able to help. Have just returned from London so watch for my next post London pics take care Kev.

thedinnerlady said...

Thanks Kev. I love the golden hour, even when its pink, and the blue hour's just as good ;o) I spotted a link to a table calculating the golden hour all over the world. I'll try to find it again and link it.

Hope you enjoyed London, my friend Sue says its rather hot! Looking forward to the pics.
Cheers ... Jen