The garbled chatterings within may prove I have perfected the art of living in total chaos whilst surrounded by blissful tranquillity.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

An unexpectedly nice day.

Another glorious morning. So nice to get out early with the doggies in shorts and a T .... that's me in the shorts and T, not the doggies.
Had a little problem with my connection last night. Technology and I do not sit well together, you may have gathered. As a result last nights blog didn't get posted. So here it is ;o)

Well aren't I the brave bunny then!!
Three whopping gert fillings and no valium!
I just couldn't cope with the prospect of such a lovely day being ruined by the recovery! Didn't get anywhere near panic either. I was in the chair for nearly an hour and the only discomfort I felt was an ache in my jaw from having me mouth open for so long. LOL It was so nice to be able to go shopping afterwards and drive straight home.
I treated myself. Called in at the charity shop and bought two tops with sparkly bits .... now there's a rarity. I don't do bling! They are my colours tho...kind of muddy brown and green. And I don't do pink either, but I did today. Must be your influence Willie!! Way too big it is, and just a little bit fluffy. So right for being snuggly in when the temp drops a little bit on these gorgeous summer evenings. PINK !! Me in pink! I can't believe it. Bought a sweet little bracelet too. What ever's the matter with me. I don't wear adornments! They just don't look right with Riggers.

So that all went well.

The saga of the BlackBerry continues. Even tho yesterdays techie promised it'd be able to receive incoming calls after what he'd done .... it didn't. I phoned today to say I didn't want it and was gonna take advantage of my right to return it within 28 days. What a lovely lady. She went thru the procedure one more time and agreed ... there's something wrong with the phone. So they'll send a courier to collect it and deliver a replacement for me. How good is that.

No joy yet with releasing the filter off my lens .... but it'll have to let go eventually! Me being a bit of a Pollyanna I thought this is an ideal time to try to get along a bit better with my prime lens. So I took some snaps of my garden and some of the doggies. Got a lovely one of Gracie. Haven't got the one of the garden I've been trying for. I'll give it a go in the morning light tomorrow.

Mom and Her Wonderful Hubby had a lovely day. WH's nephew picked them up this morning, went on down to Poole and picked up another uncle and his lovely wife, and took them all back up to West Wellow for lunch and the afternoon. They had a great time. Uncle did really well, considering he had a pacemaker fitted only a couple of weeks ago. Bless him, he's a trouper.

Right....I'm off to bed with a bit of supper.. a bowl of strawberries and blueberries... how decadent is that!! LOL

Found a little visitor in the garden when I went out with the doggies for a last wander around. Judging by his smile, he was happy to be here ;o)



WILLIE...! said...

Hey...Ciao...Buon Giorno.....!
Well done you, nothing wrong with being Fluffy and Pink, God, look at me, been like it, since before l was born. Love It.
Glad the dentist was o.k. and that your not to down in the mouth!
I went a couple of weeks ago, teeth were o.k. but the gums had to come out....!!!!! :0) He!
AND, AND, going to bed with strawberries and blueberries? Wow!
Feel'in fruity....Oh! My....!
Hope you did'nt get cream on the quilt.
Mr Toad looks splended, l have loads of them at the top of the garden pond, and frogs newts etc.
When my George was alive, he used to pick them up and bring them down to the patio, and play with them, give'em a prod, and make'em jump.....great fun.
Lovely, perhaps we'll have a coffee another time, as l'm often in Wimborne, be their on Saturday. Twice in Costa in one week, Wow.
I like to pose round the shops, sign few autographs, like you do, well it's a morning out for me.
Great fun....Lovely.
Well, give Mr Toad my love....if he's a naughty boy, just tell him to 'HOP' it. Bye...And keep think'in PINK......!

thedinnerlady said...

LOL ... Bad George!! Some of the doggies have amused themselves with the tiny little frogs we get. You have to smile ;o)

Hope you had a lovely weekend.