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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

An unexpected conflict.

Well, I'm not much further on with the blog designing, but my filing in my pooter is looking a bit better! I do digress ........ frequently!

Here it is ........ my first blog. At last. And its not at all about what the blog is intended for, which I'll come back to.

I had a rare chance to visit friends on erm....Monday...was it only yesterday! My friend had phoned me a couple of times to tell me about her new dog and how it was settling in. She had a bit of an incident at one point and wondered if it was gonna work out long term. Having owned multiple dawgs myself I completely understood her concern. They can make a mess of each other if you're not careful.

So off I went, to get thoroughly puppied by someone else's puppies. The term "puppy" is a euphemism, they are mostly quite reasonably grown up, in years if not in behaviour.

I adore dogs. I've lived for them for years, many many years. One dog makes me very happy..... a whole heap of 'em and I'm in my element. I'm a strange old bod.

Well, my friend's tarred with the same brush, but she's only got four. She always was the sensible one. Leads a relatively normal life, among the mutts. Unlike me, she controls a thriving business..... I've got control of sweet FA. Unlike me, she's doing up a good solid property ... mine's tumbling about my feet. Unlike me, she kept her hubby ...... well, the fifth one anyway. I can't even get an invite for dwinkies. So when she asks for my opinion I feel so ......... validated.

We sat in the garden and dog watched. Reading body language. Watching for the first sign of trouble. Working out the hierarchy. I'd wondered, on the journey there, if I was going to be able to 'see' what I needed to see to predict failure or harmony. I surprised myself in that I had no doubts about my interpretation of the pack's behaviour. It could well be that I was way off track ....... but I felt totally confident, which is so alien to me, and a little unnerving. So the conclusions drawn from the afternoon were ......... no conflict within the pack ........ but I should consider doing something about that which is within me!!

And now I will attempt to load some pics ... teehee.

                One happy pack ;o)                                              One mucky pup :o/                   

Oh well, I guess one pic loaded out of five is better than none. Doesn't exactly tell the story as intended, but, not a total failure ;o)

Not ready to give up just yet.


WILLIE...! said...

Ciao!....Ciao.....! Oh! Yes! Wow! What lovely Dawgs...!
More photos if you can manage it.
I into pussy's myself.....Cats...Cats...!
Sorry about that, get carried away,
what was that, the further the better.
And l do like Dawgs, been out with a few.....!
Don't think l've asked, but, where is the picture on your Blog from,
Badbury Rings...No!...No!
Would look good with a few zebra.
But l like ALL animals, more than humans in fact.
Well, l'm glad it's all coming together for you....stick at it....
Loooook'in Goooood.....! :0)
Happiness keeps you Sweet,
Trials keep you Strong,
Sorrows keep you Human,
Failures keep you Glowing, but.....
Only Friends......Keep you Going!

thedinnerlady said...

You're making me laugh ;o)

I've always thought wilderbeast would be right at home there! Its a bit of heathland,one of my favourite places, near Wimborne, not far from Badbury ;o)

I'm trying with the pics. Some work for me some don't. Haven't a clue why!