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Monday, 14 June 2010

A day full of goodies

Don't you love it when you have a "lucky" day ?

It started out in the normal way, then when I collected the day's post I actually opened it for once. Generally I put it on top of the heap of other unopened post because I really don't want anything else to think about, other than whats on the top of my mental list. Two letters were junk and one was my mobile bill. No problem ... I even filed them :o) Out of the mobile bill fell a flyer. I don't normally read flyers, but this one caught my attention. It looked very much like they were offering me quite a good deal, and as I've needed a new phone for a long time, I thought I'd at least phone 'em up and see if I qualified. I did. My blackberry will arrive tomorrow, and my mobile bill will be less than its been for the past three or four years :o) Thanks Virgin. And God for making me open the post.

When I checked my emails for the Virgin details I found one from Sinsburys saying how sad they are that I haven't shopped with them for a while and offering me £10 off my next online shop. Well thank you very much Sinsbury, and a wink in God's direction.

Because we had heavy rain last night I'd decided to light the incinerator today. Very low risk of setting anything inappropriate alight. I had a look at the approaching weather. Rain ... heavy rain too by the look of it. Great ... doubly a low risk day. So I did ... light it, that is.

Whilst that was doing its thing I loaded the truck with broken electrical goods and last weeks household rubbish that I'd forgotten to put out for the dustmen. By the time that was done the incinerator had burnt down so I was safe to go to the tip. I pulled the truck up at the front of the house just as it started to spit with rain .... perfect ... that meant the fire would go right out, and I didn't get wet whilst loading the truck. Two more thank yous went skyward.

Walked to the back to close the tailgate and noticed a tyre was flat. Couldn't really curse could I. He'd given me a darn good day up to then. For a nanosecond I considered putting the spare on not ... you know what I mean. A bit longer for phoning the place I buy my tyres. Then remembered I had breakdown cover attached to a bank account. Got to be worth a try. Guess what!! They're on their way to me right now. Okay so I won't get my pills from the surgery, or my shopping, or to the tip.... but hey .... I won't have to jack the truck up either :o))). And I get to sit and have a cuppa here :o) Shall I find a picture? Hmmm ... what of this time? .... errrm ...
I like this. A great big rusty old lump of metal, that looks like delicate lace in the setting sunlight.


WILLIE...! said...

Well done Ms Dinner Lady.....!
Good for you......!
Buona Fortuna.....!
And, yes, there is a God up their.
Go for it......!
Few more photos if poss,.
Oh! forgot last time...Think Pink.!
:0)....... :0).

thedinnerlady said...

My Mom used to say 'think pink' I must reminder her.

More pic eh? Waddya want, fields, churches, folks, more mutts, more seaside, flowers? Set me a task Willie ;o)